Adds modern methods of restricting access to adjustable trip circuit breakers

The Code: Section 240.6(C) Restricted Access Adjustable-Trip Circuit Breakers

A circuit breaker(s) that has restricted access to the adjustable means shall be permitted to have an ampere rating(s) that is equal to the adjusted current setting (long-time pickup setting). Restricted access shall be achieved by one of the following methods:

(1) Located behind removable and sealable covers over the adjusting means

(2) Located behind bolted equipment enclosure doors

(3) Located behind locked doors accessible only to qualified personnel

(4) Password protected, with password accessible only to qualified personnel

Other Notes

  • Adjustable settings on an adjustable-trip circuit need to be protected from inadvertent settings out of the desired operational settings, such as restricted access to the adjusting means
  • Different models for password protected trip breakers offer customization and flexibility
    • These models can also use algorithms to notify maintenance personnel when the power distribution system needs to be maintained or replaced, as well as the ability to accurately measure energy consumption