New sections specify the location and number of disconnects for a circuit

The Code: Section 230.71

Each service shall have only one disconnecting means unless the requirements of 230.71 (B) are met

(B) Two to Six Service Disconnecting Means. Two to six service disconnects shall be permitted for each service permitted by 230.2 or for each set of service-entrance conductors permitted by 230.4. The two to six service disconnecting means shall be permitted to consist of a combination of any of the following:

(1) Separate enclosures with a main service disconnecting means in each enclosure

(2) Panelboards with a main service disconnecting means in each panelboard enclosure

(3) Switchboards where there is only one service disconnect in each separate vertical section where there are barriers separating each vertical section

(4) Service disconnects in switchgear or meeting centers where each disconnect is located in a separate compartment

Service disconnecting means can be any of the following:

  • A single main
  • Up to six separate enclosures grouped in the same location
  • In or on a switchboard or in switchgear

The disconnecting means CANNOT be grouped in the same enclosure

Other Notes

  • Having multiple disconnecting means in the same enclosure creates considerable challenges for electricians
  • Separating disconnects in their own enclosures or in switchboards/switchgear provides additional protection from electric shock hazards and eliminates any live exposed parts (in accordance with 230.62(C))

The Code: Section 230.71

For one and two-family dwelling units, all service conductors shall terminate in disconnecting means having a short-circuit current rating equal to or greater than the available fault current, installed in a readily accessible outdoor location. If more than one disconnect is provided, they shall be grouped

Other Notes

  • Provides first responders an outdoor accessible disconnecting means during an emergency situation (e.g. fire, gas leak, structural damage, flooding, etc.)
  • Having disconnecting means only indoors can be challenging to access for first responders and could require them to enter a hazardous environment.