Sometimes the best learning is done off the job site.

Rosendin employees now have a chance to earn Rosendin Learn Credits by reading industry-leading books

Here’s how you can take advantage of the

Rosendin Reader Program:

  1. Fill out This Form to request a book. The book will be sent to you within 3-5 business days
    • You will receive an email with estimated date of arrival and link to the assessment
  2. Read the book at your own pace, take notes on the main topics and enjoy
  3. Complete and pass that book’s corresponding assessment to earn credit in Rosendin Learn

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Participating in the Rosendin Reader program can earn vouchers for the Rosendin Store. For every 3 books you complete and pass the assessment for, you will receive a $25 voucher.

Terms and Conditions

  1. For new hires, we suggest you start with one of the following books, based on your employee designation
    • Office Employees start with “2 Second Lean”
    • Field Employees start with “Survival of the Fittest”
  2. You may only request one book at a time. Once you have completed and passed the assessment for that book request, you will be eligible to order your next book.
  3. The assessment for a book must be completed and passed before it is eligible to be counted toward a Rosendin Reader Reward
  4. For any book request, you can choose either the physical book or an audio-book via iTunes
    • There is no audio-book option for “Know This, Do That” or “Survival of the Fittest”
  5. Rosendin Learn credits given for completing the book will be approximately one-half of the audio book’s runtime (in hours).
    • Example: The audiobook for “Simple Truths of Leadership” is 3 hours, so completing that book will earn 1.5 credits.
  6. If you select “How Full is Your Bucket” a code to take the Clifton Strengths Assessment is included in the physical copy of the book. If you would like to share your assessment results and join over 3000 Rosendin employees who have started the journey of understanding and intentionally working from their strengths through the Core Clarity initiative, please email Kayla Hart at [email protected].

If you have any questions, contact Catherine Krawiec at [email protected]


Once you have read the book, pass the assessments linked below to obtain Rosendin Learn Credit!

Book title and AuthorAssessment LinkCredits
Extreme Ownership by Jocko Willink & Leif BabinAssessment4.5
The Effective Manager by Mark HorstmanAssessment3
Survival of the Fittest by Mark BreslinAssessment1.75
Simple Truths of leadership by Ken Blanchard & Randy ConleyAssessment1
2 Second Lean by Paul A. AkersAssessment2.25
Dare to Lead by Brene BrownAssessment4
How Full is Your Bucket? by Tom Rath and Don CliftonAssessment1
The Pin Drop Principle by David Lewis and G. Riley MillsAssessment3.5
Know This Do That by Nic BittleAssessment0.75
The Outward Mindset by The Arbinger InstituteAssessment2.25
The Bullseye Principle by Davis Lewis and G. Riley MillsAssessment4.5
Leadership and Self-deception by The Arbinger InstituteAssessment3