Hello Team Rosendin

Jeff Daigle is back at it again.

Mess or not, we have a job to do!

I would like to start off by thanking Mike Greenawalt for taking the time to read my letter and share it with you.

Hopefully you interpreted it as a message of motivation, inspiration, and action.


Speaking of interpretation…

I would like to accept my own challenge and share my personal interpretations of Rosendin’s core values.

My thoughts do not encompass everything these values represent, but single out unique aspects that resonate with me.

These are strictly my opinions.

For those interested, please read on…

We Care:

First and most important, the easiest to learn but the hardest to master.

As the proud father of 2 daughters, I tend to associate this value with a parental perspective.

As nice as it sounds, “We Care” is not always unicorns and rainbows.

In fact, depending on the situation, “We Care” can include a constructive confrontation and/or a difficult discussion.

While there is an individual aspect associated with this value, there is also consideration for the good of the many.

This greater good relies on accountability at both individual and team levels.

“We Care” is a 2-way street and requires effort from both parties.

“We Care” is a manager’s pledge to exhaust alternatives before resorting to personnel changes, and a worker’s pledge to fulfil obligations to Rosendin.

We Listen:

Hearing and understanding the needs of the external customers are vital to Rosendin’s success.

The external customers are our primary customers deserving priority and focus, and rightfully so, they pay the bills!

However, many employees in our company have limited, if any exposure to our external customers.

For the sake of these employees, I would like to expand this value description to include our internal customers.

My point stands that we also need to listen to each other, from one Rosendin employee to another.

Ask yourself these questions:

  • Who does my work provide value to?
  • What parts provide value to them? What parts do not?
  • Do I listen to their needs and adjust accordingly?

We Share:

Well, here it is plain and simple…

My personal interpretation of Rosendin’s core values inviting you to criticize or commend.

Compliments and agreements are nice, but I prefer to hear your own thoughts and experiences.

Is there something important I am missing? Did I fail to capture the essence of one or more values?

I challenge you to share your own interpretation either with me, a co-worker, or a customer.

Sharing has the power to expand an open mind. It connects us to each other. It bonds us together. It helps us grow.

We Innovate:

Whatcha up to Rosendin? Not much, just creating the freaking FUTURE!

This pandemic is a foot in the ass in terms of adapt or get left behind.

There is absolutely no better time to think about the future than right now.

Times of adversity now force our hand and set creative thinking as a top priority.

Getting creative can be an exciting and rewarding experience and every employee should be encouraged to submit improvement ideas.

Remember, those closest to the work have a unique perspective. Empower them!

We Excel:

Rosendin is the best company because of YOU.

You. Are. Awesome!

Your dedication and commitment to delivering unparalleled quality on every project we build is nothing short of amazing!

Thank you for all that you do!


So, there you have it.

My thoughts on a company worth fighting for.

Please feel free to contact me at [email protected]

Your criticism is more than welcome!

Hopefully this found you well, and you have a safe and satisfying day.

I will leave you with this…


A company that aligns:

I once had the privilege of watching Tom Sorley speak at a Project Manager’s bootcamp. He spoke of the importance of alignment.  This resonated with me. Making sure our words & actions complement each other.

Over the years, Rosendin has adopted various concepts. Some developed within, and some from outside sources. As you learn more about each, from our mission statement to our core values, our vision, CoreClarity Strengths Finder, Extreme Ownership, and our Lean initiative.  Each concept is cohesive with the next. They exist in harmony and were chosen specifically for this reason. They align.

Thank You,