Odyssey Teams

Post written by Kim Clary of Odyssey Teams:

Watching a great leader in action is one of my favorite pastimes. Check out CEO of Rosendin, Tom Sorley in this photo. He’s the one in the background with the light blue long sleeved shirt. His leadership academy participants are working expertly together to find their path to success amongst 48 blue dots, highlighting how they communicate process and work together to complete a common goal. Is Tom on his phone or computer? 

Nope. He’s actively observing his future leaders that will one day continue the beautiful legacy that he has helped create over the last 30 years. He surrounds himself with passionate executives like Lisa Vere who constantly pursue top notch development for their teams. I am so grateful that Odyssey Teams has the honor of partnering with such stellar humans. Todd Demorest – working with you is always a joy! #employeeengagement #inspireodyssey