This month the Training Department conducted a 2.5-day Foreman’s Bootcamp comprised of the twelve learning modules from the Foreman’s Development Series, plus additional modules on Rosendin culture, hardware/software, and overbuild. The bootcamp, held in Sterling, VA, hosted 29 new and experienced Foremen in addition to local Superintendents and guest speakers. The class was taught by Corporate Field Trainers Jeff Daigle, Eric Latona, and Jeremy Schaefer, as well as guest speakers from BIM, Estimating, Prefab, QA/QC, Engineering, Project Management, and Safety.


“I really feel this training has prepared me to focus on key items to be a successful Foreman. I feel I have the tools now, instead of being put in a new position unprepared. It gave me an understanding on the proper, organized way to plan my work” – Foreman Bootcamp Participant.