This month the Training Department conducted a 3-day Foreman’s Bootcamp in Sterling, VA.  Presentation content included a high-level overview of the Foreman’s Development Series.  Additional modules covered Rosendin’s culture, application software, detailing, overbuilding, and Extreme Ownership. The bootcamp hosted a mix of 30 new and experienced Foreman, General Foreman and Superintendents from Virginia, Maryland and North Carolina.  Corporate Field Trainers Jeff Daigle, Eric Latona, Jeremy Schaefer, Phillip Browning, and Damien Thorne kept things interesting with a heavy dose of group activities, lively discussion and team building exercises.  Guest speakers included Corey Clasen for BIM, as well as locals Jeff Adams on Prefab, Brandon Dickey on QA/QC, and the one and only Marcus Avelleyra on Safety.


Aha! Moment: “Knowing that the company actually cares about me” – Foreman Bootcamp Participant