I have been working as a Foreman and General Foreman for Rosendin for 15 years. Daily Job Reports always seemed to be such a pain in the @$$. I was so busy that sometimes the DJR would be completed days later. How could I possibly have had an accurate daily report if I was not completing them daily? I wish I had known about the DJR that is AUTOMATICALLY produced every day by the AboutTime submitters on the project. If I had used this feature on the Chase Center Arena, 10 GFs and 50+ FM would have had their daily input AUTOMATICALLY added to a composite DJR. Total working hours for each classification are totaled accurately and work report notes by cost code for every wireman working on that code! Issues recorded by each foreman would have been so much clearer to communicate to our Project Team! ‘I wish I had known!’” – Jeremy Schaefer


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